Horseback Riding at Arizona's Hideout Ranch – A Real Western Adventure...

When you Come Hideout… on horseback, you’ll trade high heels for boot heels, silk ties for stampede strings, laptops for lassos, conference rooms for canyon walls, metros for mountains. Deeps breaths of crisp, clean mountain air help you detox from the day-to-day drudgery you left behind. Schedules and deadlines melt away in the bright blue Arizona sunshine.

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At Hideout Ranch, you'll see the West as it was meant to be seen – from the back of a horse. Wherever we ride, however long we ride, horseback riding in Arizona will set your inner cowboy on the trail to discovery. Whether you've never been on a horse or have ridden hundreds of times, our seasoned horses are personable, trail-savvy companions for "greenhorns" and experienced riders alike.

Do you want to ride ancient trails through dramatic mountain landscapes? Follow an old stagecoach trail along easy slopes to the ruins of a historic fort? Discover hidden canyons in the morning? Explore arroyos on the grazing range of a true western guest ranch in the afternoon?

Hideout Ranch's strategic location gives us easy access to thousands of miles of mountain and high desert riding trails – trails no other ranch in Southeastern Arizona rides. With so many options, our riding program offers everyone an amazing vacation on horseback. A few days at Hideout Ranch, your guest ranch on the Arizona-New Mexico border, and you'll be as comfortable on horseback as you are on the back porch, watching the sun set as night creeps across the pastures.